Close your transaction virtually.

The safe, paperless, and easy way to close your Real Estate or Mortgage transaction.

Close your Real Estate or Mortgage transaction in four easy steps.


Upload your documents


Attend a Video Signing


Electronically Transfer Funds


Pick Up or Leave Keys at the Property

No Drama. No 9 to 5 office hours.
Just a great closing experience

No paper, no fuss. Made for the 21st Century.

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Upload your documents

Securely upload your documents and complete our 5-minute questionnaire.

video-conference 1
Attend Video Signing

We’ll schedule a video signing meeting with you at a convenient time.  All you need is a computer or tablet with a webcam, an internet connection and a mobile phone. It’s super simple.

Credit transfer
Electronically Transfer Funds

On a purchase we will provide you with our bank account information and ask that you direct deposit the funds into our account. On a sale we will wire the funds into your account after closing.

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Keys at the Property

If you’re buying, your keys will be left in a lock box at your new property. If you’re selling, simply leave your keys behind. If refinancing, we’ll deposit funds into your account electronically.

Home Closing Made Simple

Sign anytime, anywhere.  Virtual video closings make our process safe and convenient

Experienced team on your side to resolve any issue that may arise in your real estate transaction

We keep you updated at every step of your transaction by email or text

No legalese.  Just human language you can understand

Our passionate team is highly responsive and proactive to ensure you have a smooth closing experience

The 80’s called. They want their fax machine back.

The 80s called. They
want their fax
machine back.

No faxes, no thick files with confusing paperwork.  We’ve built advanced technology to provide you with a paperless, convenient, and secure closing process.

Virtual doesn’t mean you're on your own.

Our entire team is available to answer all your questions by phone, text or email. Even on evenings and weekends.

Pricing you can understand and anticipate.

Like you, we don’t like surprises and believe you should clearly understand the fees you’ll pay at closing.

That’s why we’ve made our pricing simple and transparent.

I am

Check the boxes that apply to you

Your all-inclusive legal fees for a standard purchase

$999 + HST What's
Title Insurance Premium
$475 + HST (estimated)
Government Registration Fee
Toronto Municipality Admin Fee
Land transfer taxes *
Toronto Land Transfer Tax

Other Disbursements (If Applicable): Govt. Document Registration Fees, Fees Charged By Govt., Teranet Fees, Software Fees, Costs Of Condo Status Certificate And Lawyers Creditor's Letters.

* Land transfer tax may include rebates for first time buyers. Government eligibility rules apply (details here)

Estimated total closing costs

$1,511.50 + HST
HST applicable to legal fees, title insurance and disbursements

Your all-inclusive legal fees for a standard sale

$899 + HST What's
Includes your legal fees, one virtual signing and internal disbursements.

What’s extra on top of this fee?

  • Government Registration Fees, if applicable ($150+HST in most cases)
  • Extra fees for discharging more than one mortgage or a private mortgage

Other Disbursements (If Applicable): Teranet Fees, Software Fees, Wires.

Your all-inclusive legal fees for a standard refinancing

$899 + HST
Includes your legal fees, one virtual signing and internal disbursements.

What’s extra on top of this fee?

  • Additional fee for more than one mortgage payout
  • Additional fee where some lenders require additional work
  • Additional fee for more than one unsecured creditor payout
  • Additional fees and title insurance for private mortgages
  • City of Toronto fee, should a title transfer be required
  • Software Fees
  • Bank Wires
  • Lender title insurance policy