Close your Real Estate or Mortgage transaction in four easy steps.


Upload your documents


Attend a Video Signing


Electronically Transfer Funds


Pick Up or Leave Keys at the Property

No paper, no fuss. Made for the 21st Century.

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Upload your documents

Securely upload your documents and complete our 5-minute questionnaire.

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Attend Video Signing

We’ll schedule a video signing meeting with you at a convenient time.  All you need is a computer or tablet with a webcam, an internet connection and a mobile phone. It’s super simple.

Credit transfer
Electronically Transfer Funds

On a purchase we will provide you with our bank account information and ask that you direct deposit the funds into our account. On a sale we will wire the funds into your account after closing.

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Keys at the Property

If you’re buying, your keys will be left in a lock box at your new property. If you’re selling, simply leave your keys behind.

Virtual doesn’t mean you're on your own.

Our entire team is available to answer all your questions by phone, text or email. Even on evenings and weekends.