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Our Comprehensive Review includes

Builder Cancellation Rights

Most builder contracts include rights for the builder to cancel the project for any reason.  What if you decide to walk away from the deal?   Our review to ensure you understand your rights and safeguard your deposits.

Hidden Development Charges

Development levies are collected by the municipality to pay for various services including sidewalks, parks, sewers and subway extensions – as well as improvements to nearby police, fire, and health services.  Pre-construction condo buyers can be on the hook for as much as $120,000 depending on a condo’s size and location.

Assignment Rights

Sometimes, as a buyer of a pre-construction property, you may change your mind and want to sell even before the official close. This is usually called an “assignment” as you’re assigning the rights of your contract.   Some builders allow their original purchasers to assign contracts and some will not, or will only do so for a fee.   We will review and outline your rights to assign your contract.

HST and First-Time Home Buyer Rebate Eligibility

If your pre-construction home is your primary residence, you could qualify for rebates of the GST/HST.  If you rent out your pre-construction home without first moving in, you may be on the hook for thousands in government taxes.  We will review your eligibility for the rebate and outline if you’ll need to take steps to claim the rebate.

Closing Costs Summary

One common mistake is overlooking the closing costs that need to be paid at the end of the buying process. We’ll provide you with an estimate of the additional costs you’ll need to pay. Some of these costs may include land transfer taxes, title insurance, property valuation fees, home inspection fees and legal fees.

Key Timelines & Milestones

Our review summarizes the key milestones the builder must meet in order to complete the project, and sets out the timeline in which your home or condo will be completed in an easy to understand format.

Deposit Protection

After the signing of the purchase agreement, you will be required to provide a series of deposits for your home.  We will review your deposit schedule and advise you if your deposit is protected and by whom.

Common Expense Increases

A major concern when buying a resale condo is the monthly common expenses, and how much those fees will increase over time. Our status certificate review looks at items such as the condominium’s reserve fund, special assessments, and any current issues to help determine whether significant increases are on the horizon.

Agreement Review Fees

For pre-construction and resale agreements.

$349 + HST

You’ll receive a credit for $349+HST at closing when you use Deeded to close your deal*

* The agreement review fee is due prior to the report being shared with you. When you use Deeded to close your transaction (whether for the reviewed property or not), we will credit you the fee + HST on closing. This offer has no cash value or substitution for any other discounts. Fees may change from time to time, however, your credit at closing is only for the actual fees paid for reviewing your agreement.

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